Engage your readers and take your business to the next level using content I write for you

For several years, I have worked with all kinds of clients ranging from local business owners to international brands. Helping all of them to tap into the power of the written word to grow their businesses and compete effectively.

My writing service is tailored to meet your exact needs.

The content I produce is designed to reflect the voice of your company whilst appealing to the customers you are trying to reach.

Below are details of my main services. I have experience of writing a wide range of content and marketing materials, so can write most of what you need for your on-line or offline business.

To hire me or to discuss your content needs please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Evergreen website and blog content – To keep your site visitors coming back you need engaging blog posts, articles and features.

Ensuring that readers dwell on your site and navigate to other pages is essential for your search engine rankings. It ensures that people do not click away and turn to your competitor’s website. This study explains the impact of dwell time on customer engagement and search engine position.

Over the years, I have written hundreds of pages of content that keeps readers on the page, and ensures that they click through to other pages to find out more. Whatever you need I can produce it and do so to pre- agreed time-scales.

Polished guest posts – One of the most effective ways to market your business and gain relevant back-links that boost your websites rankings, is guest posting.

I write posts that comply with the writing standards of the host site. The posts will meet these rules yet still reflect your voice and get your message across.

If you are not sure about using guest posts to promote your business you can find out about the benefits of guest blogging here.

Professional press releases – When you need to tell the world about your latest products or an upcoming event, I can help you to do so. The professional press releases I produce are of a high enough standard and can be used on the major press release platforms such as PRWeb.

White papers and E-Books – Most people go on-line to solve problems, so they love white papers that outline their problem and show them systematically how to solve the issue.

You can use this kind of content to grow trust with your readers. They are an effective way to demonstrate that you have the expertise in your field.

Expand a little on a white paper and you have an e-book that can be sold to provide additional income, and grow your authority within your industry.

These are my main services, but I also have experience of producing the following type of content:

  • Case studies
  • Content for e-mail list building
  • Comprehensive product reviews and sales pages 

In addition, I offer the following services:

  •  Website content review
  • SEO content review

I can happily give you more information about each of the above services, and help you to understand the benefits each one can bring to your business . Just get in touch.

My rates vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Naturally, the rates I use reflect my years of experience, but they are still competitive.

When you are ready to invest in your business and order the good quality content that your business needs, please get in contact via the form below.

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