Paleo Vs Gluten Free for Weight Loss

When you eat a restrictive diet losing weight is not always easy. The fact that you cannot eat certain foods can mean that you cannot follow a traditional diet plan 100%.

However, sometimes it turns out that a weight loss plan can actually help you to tackle your food intolerance and weight issue. It is exactly that which has inspired me to write this paleo diet vs gluten free post.

The Paleo vs Gluten Free argument does not really exist

Paleo Vs Gluten FreeNow, I know that some of you are sitting there scratching your head a bit and wondering what the difference between a paleo diet and a gluten free diet is. After all the key principle of Paleo, is that you only eat what your ancestors did.

Thousands of years ago, they were hunter gatherers. As a result, they did not eat many, if any, grains. It was impossible to grow a filed of wheat, if you were not there to tend your crop. So, when you follow the paleo diet you are automatically following a gluten free eating regime.

The fact that you do not eat any processed foods  means that you naturally eliminate grains from your diets. Therefore, you are not eating any gluten.

Effectively, a proper Paleo diet is also a gluten free eating regime. You are basically achieving two goals by following this healthy eating dieting regime.

Is Paleo is a healthier way to go gluten free

The fact you are eliminating all processed foods from your diet means you cannot eat gluten free pasta, bread and backed goods products. Therefore, you are automatically eating a super healthy diet.

This is very good for your health and general well-being. A lot of people find that they lose a lot of weight and, importantly, start to feel much better in general.

Another reason to consider going gluten free by following a paleo diet

There is a growing group of celiac sufferers who say that they feel that their gut starts to heal when they follow a paleo diet. At the moment, there is no comprehensive medical study to back that up. However, I am fairly convinced by what I have read online in forums and by the experience my friends. Therefore, I strongly suggest that those of you who are still struggling with stomach problems consider giving following a Paleo gluten free diet a go for a couple of months. 

However, I appreciate that this may not be easy because the Paleo diet is a lot more restrictive than a gluten free diet is. However, it is not impossible to live without eating bread, pasta and cakes, so it is still worth biting the bullet and giving it a go.

Please share your experience of Paleo vs Gluten Free

I would love to know what your experience is. So if you have tried following both a gluten free and a paleo diet please take the time to tell me what happened. Which diet did you find helped to improve your gluten intolerance? and which diet made it easy to lose weight?

Where to find out more about the Paleo diet

If you want to find out more about following a paleo free diet you can do so using these websites:

Paleo Leap – everything you need to follow a paleo free diet, including recipes. This study is also worth reading. It summarises some of the reserach that has been carried out into both the paleo and gluten-free diets.