Living With Food Intolerance

This section of the site covers general issues and gives you tips for living with food intolerance.

Here we give you simple tips and tricks to help you to find products that you can eat. Here you can learn how to cook with allergen free ingredients.

From this page you can navigate to our recipes section. We plan to include recipes for all the main groups of food sensitivities. There are recipes held on the site as well as resource links to take you to other websites that offer easy to follow allergen free recipes and food allergy recipe books.

Here is the index for this section. I am still writing these pages. Those pages I have already written are shown as blue links.

Some of the links take you immediately to other resources or recipe books, because I have not written the pages for that section. I have researched all of these books and resources and can assure you they are all top notch. Click them and you will find exactly what you need to live better with food sensitivities.

If there are subjects you want covered drop me a line. Alternatively, ask me in the comments and I will add that content as a priority.

Our Tips for Living with Food Intolerance


Getting your food allergies and in tolerances properly diagnosed

Coping with the cost of using allergen free ingredients

Finding food sensitivity professionals and treatments in your area

Where to buy allergen free food

Gluten free recipes and food preparation tips

Wheat free recipes and cooking tips

Egg free cooking

Dairy free cooking

Recipes and cooking tips for those with multiple food allergies and sensitivity


We are here to help


Living with food intolerance is not easy, but at Overcome Food Intolerances we can help. We are always looking for new ways to help you. As well as using the main pages of this site, don’t forget to look at the food allergy news section regularly to get the latest information about products, services and new treatments to help you to overcome your food sensitivities and lead a healthier and easier life.


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