Quick Tips for Gluten Free Eating

If you suffer from a gluten allergy or sensitivity, life can be tricky, gluten free eating does not come naturally to most people. You know that you have to avoid eating foods any gluten, which sounds simple enough. However, this is not that easy. This is because gluten is found in a huge variety of foods. There are literally thousands of foods that contain gluten.

Best Gluten free eating tip – Avoid processed foods


It is not enough to simply avoid grains. You also need to avoid processed foods. This is because some of the most common ingredients in processed foods contain gluten. A good example is malt extracts and caramel, which are used to add colour and a deep, rich flavour. This ingredient is found in hundreds of foods including some gravies, processed meats, most ketchup and even in sweets and desserts.

Buy a good gluten free cookbook


At first, it is going to look like you cannot eat anything. Do not feel overwhelmed because there are a lot of dishes left that you can still enjoy. A gluten free recipe book will set you straight and help you to understand that being gluten intolerant is not as bad as you first thought. It is one of the best ways to start actually enjoying gluten free eating. Surprisingly eating allergen free can be a real eye-opener. Instead of shrinking the range of foods I ate grew as I discovered delicious foods I had never tried before. Hopefully, that will be your experience.

There are some fantastic ones out there, our favourite is a Paleo based grain free cookbook, just click the link to get it fast and at the best price.

Cook your own food


To begin with it is best to cook as much of your own foods as possible. That way you know exactly what you are putting in your food. This is particularly important if you are trying out an elimination diet as part of the process of working out if you are gluten sensitive.

Watch the condiments


Just be careful of the condiments that you stock your cupboard with. Bear in mind that many condiments such as soy sauce may contain gluten. You can find out more about hidden gluten in your food, by clicking through to my main gluten intolerance article.

Stock your cupboard with gluten free ingredients


Gluten free eating


Fortunately, you can now buy gluten-free versions of many condiments including soy sauce. There are also plenty of gluten free foods available, including grains, cereals, flours and even pizza bases.

The not so good news is that these products are expensive. This means you need to shop around to find bargains. As demand increases for these products, prices are falling and there are more and more offers available. When we see them, we feature them in our shop section. In the recipes section you will also find details of how to make your own gluten free products including gluten free bread. Using these will help to keep the cost of coping with a food intolerance down.


Eating out when you are gluten free


Given that gluten intolerance is one of the most common food sensitivities, many restaurants and fast food outlets cater for people with this health condition. They make gluten-free dishes, so eating out is less of an issue than it used to be.  Familiarise yourself with the chain restaurants that serve gluten-free dishes and use them as much as you can. Doing that will save you having to settle for plain meat or fish and a plain salad when you eat out.

Eating gluten free while out just got easier with the launch of our allergen free restaurant guide.