Food Intolerance Guide

This section of the food intolerance guide will tell you the basics, providing to the point answers and solutions to your problems. If you want to get a general overview of food sensitivity and intolerance this is the area of the site that you need.

This area is ideal for people who are not sure if they have a food intolerance or not. Just take a look on the right and click on the article that is most relevant to you.

If you already know which foods are making you ill you may want to skip to that section using the main menu tabs at the top. Those tabs take you to sections about specific food sensitivities including wheat intolerance and gluten sensitivity.

Your ultimate food intolerance guide


The general guide covers issues like food intolerance symptoms to help you to determine if you are suffering from a food allergy. Using this section you will be able to determine whether you should be seeking medical help.

We explain your options when it comes to food sensitivity testing. Understanding how to get tested will help you to get a proper diagnosis. The last thing you need is to spend your life avoiding foods that you are not actually allergic to. Read our testing section and you can avoid this issue.

Here we also explain how to live with food sensitivity. Included in this section are coping mechanisms, a full explanation of how you need to adjust your diet, and other helpful advice.

If there is anything missing from this section of the website please let me know. You can either do this via the comments box or use the contact form. When I can I will research and write new content to address your questions and needs.

I hope you enjoy this resource and that it helps you with your life.




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