Blog – Tackling Food Intolerances

If you are looking for interesting general articles about food intolerances and allergies, you are in the right place. As I find stories, tips and other information I know will help my readers I add them to this section.

Share your experience of living with food intolerances

To keep this area interesting I want to invite my readers to make a contribution. Anything you feel is helpful to others who have the same problems as you is welcome.

Share your food intolerant friendly recipes

Over the years, I have received fantastic recipes from those with multiple food intolerances. So, more of those would be great, especially if you make a video of you making them or take a photo to go with the recipe. Seeing the actual dish makes it easier for people to decide whether to give it a try themselves.

Share how you lose weight when you suffer from food intolerances

One thing I know a lot of my readers struggle with is following popular weight loss diet regimes. They rarely take account of the fact that not everyone can eat the foods that are part of their diet plans. So, if you have worked out how to follow a Paleo diet when you are gluten intolerant, of have worked out how to follow the Slimming World diet when you cannot eat dairy, please get in touch. We would really welcome learning how you did it.