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After many years of suffering from and living with food intolerances I was sick of not being able to enjoy cake at a birthday party, being worried about eating out and feeling awful when I made a mistake and ate something I shouldn’t have. In short, living with food intolerance sucked.

Finally, I decided to do something about it and find a cure for food intolerance.

At first I was sceptical that I could reduce the impact food intolerance and allergies were having on my life, but after some research and with the help of two very good professionals I am now barely affected by my food sensitivity issues.

This site is here to help you to do the same:

To overcome your food intolerance and live a healthier, less restricted, life.

On this site you will find :

– Details of the latest research into food allergies and intolerance

– Articles answering the common questions people have about food allergies and intolerance

– Recipes for food intolerance sufferers

– Links to good quality allergen free foods for you to buy and use

– Reviews of products and supplements for those with food intolerances

– Practical tips to help you to help yourself to manage your food allergies and intolerances

– Guest posts from professionals who work in the food allergy field

– Guest posts from other sufferers with their advice about how to live with food intolerance issues

– News stories that are relevant to those of us who suffer from food related allergies and sensitivities

Please take a look around. If you have any suggestions or would like me to cover a specific subject please leave a comment and I will do my best to cover that in the future.

This site is your resource to help you to tackle food allergies and intolerances, so tell me what you need and I will try to provide it.


– If you would like me to write for your website, please let me know. I am a professional writer who has been writing for several years across a range of subjects, so I can produce high quality copy that will engage your readers and bring you more traffic.

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Are you Living with Food Intolerances?

If you are also living with food intolerances I would love to hear from you. I know how it affects my life and the type of resources that have helped me, but I would like to know about how it affects your life and what solutions you have found. Please tell me in the comments or drop me a line via the contact form.

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